The fabric of modern life
International Research of Social Systems is the main activity of the center. We take part in fundamental and applied projects.

Key research areas

Social Expertise of International Market Projects
  • Corporate and Social Responsibility
  • Reputation management
  • Corporate Culture
  • Branding
Study of Socio-economic Transformation
  • The digital inequality
  • Study on the effectiveness of social policy: overcoming poverty
  • Study of the provision and access to social services
  • Transformation of the financial behavior of the population
  • Reforming systems that ensure the quality of life of the population
  • Psychological problems of the migrant community
  • Changes of the educational strategies
Analysis of the formation of political systems
  • Participation of local communities in political processes
  • Electoral processes in the post-Soviet space
  • World geo-political map changes
  • Transformation of party political systems
  • Concepts of managed democracy
Cross-cultural studies
  • Identity defining processes in dynamic world
  • Childhood and youth environment
  • Education, sports and cinematography
  • Migration processes
  • Diaspora's life abroad
  • Religious and beliefs
  • Family, mixed marriages
  • Gender studies
Internet studies
  • Analysis of data structures
  • Networks' social activity and creating e-community
  • Protection in children's online communities, cyberbullying
  • Press and Media analysis and monitoring
  • Reputation management in e-community
Analysis of information's flow structure of requested topic
  • Analysis of media positioning strategy
  • Publishing Assistants
Marketing research in the UK, Europe and post-Soviet bloc countries
  • Secondary data research in the UK and post-Soviet bloc markets
  • E-surveys in the UK and post-Soviet bloc markets
  • Demand and supply analysis of a product
  • Analysis of pricing policy and stores' review
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